We have been trying to find collaborators from different indigneous groups where we could continue our work and make some forest film schools.
We got a chance to visit Peru with some of our team in January-February 2023.
The project had different goals - first of all we wanted to enlarge our network.
Secondly we had a possibility put up our exhbition about the Khantys to Lima.
All this happened with the close cooperation with Mano a Mano /
an NGO which works for the benefit of the local community in the district called Ensenada. We were also able to make a small film about one of their projects called

“Construction ladies”

We spent a great week with their voluteers and the community and had some small film course for the kids.
Our next destination was to the jungle where we spent three weeks at Sachaqa Centro de Arte.

We have created different artoworks and have met the indigenous communites, have made some installations with the local kids, we made filmscreenings wit hour works.
We had also the chance to visit the Chinchiwi tribe where we made a small film workshop for kids and made a small film for the Chinchiwi women.

Chinichiwi kids film

Chinichiwi sewing women

The project was financed partly of Esotnian Cultural Endowment, Estonian-Finnish Cultural Fund.
We are very thankful for the help of Éva Sípos and the Hungarian Embassy in Peru.

Participants of the project: Anti Naulainen, Tõnu Kilusk, Edina Csüllög, Ants Noe Kilusk

Lisainfo : +372 58877144
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