Exhibition / Num Sang Joh

Forest Film School at Numsang Joh in Khantyland, 2018


NEXT OPENING IS Vana-Võromaa Kultuurikoja / Võru, Estonia

“Our indigenous friends” is an interactive travelling exhibition / films, photoes, sound installation/ , based on our three years work with indigenous peoples in Siberia, Khanty-Mansy area in Num Sang Joh camp.

Estonian and Finnish artists and film professionals work with 35-60 kids yearly in the Forest Film School, requiring  them to use their mother tongue for filmmaking.

Most of the time this is their first interaction with a camera, and with their own language as an artistic tool.

As an outcome we can see the the first Khanty language short films, video art pieces, installations. We get to know their faces and stories. They become your friends.

They are the last ones who try to keep their cultures and nature in an extremely wild environment.
We would like to draw attention to language extinction!

Around 7,000 languages are spoken worldwide. The languages with the 200 largest speakers are used in 89% of the world's population. There are not many languages with a million speakers. 530 languages were spoken only by the elderly, and another 650 languages are not known spoken by any child. About four to five languages a year have disappeared in recent years, but an explosive increase in language extinction can be predicted for the next few decades.

If you are interested in our exhibition, please contact us! You can order it and we happy to collaborate!


Curator - Edina Csüllög - sara.kisari@gmail.com +37258877144

The exhibition was supported by the Estonian -Finnish Cultural Fond

Our team: 

Designer - Evelin Urm
Sound design  - Vootele Ruusmaa
Photoes & Texts - Anti Naulainen, Liis Nimik, Outi Rossi, Tõnu Kilusk, Edina Csüllög, Martin Männik, Tania Alybina, Laura Kõiv
Socail Media - Berta Kisand
Pr - Edina Csüllög
Translations - 

Forest Film School at Numsang Joh in Khantyland, 2018

Forest Film School in Komi

Forest Film School in Estonia, Sänna 2019

Forest Film School at Numsang Joh in Khantyland, 2018

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