Finno-Ugric Film Festival

2020 FUFF in Sänna, Estonia

FUFF 2021: Mitmekesisus

Sänna kultuurimõisas toimub 11.-13.juunil 2021 taas soome-ugri filmifestival FUFF. Oodatakse nii soome-ugri kultuuride austajaid kui ka filmihuvilisi noori, kes soovivad töötubades ise oma filmitegija karjääri alustada. Toimuvad filmivaatamised ja kontserdid, mõttevahetused-seminarid ning õhtused olemised suitsusaunas. See on festival, kus mitte ainult ei vaadata temaatilisi filme, vaid kus elataksegi ugrilastena ugrielu, tunnetatakse loodusrahvaks olemist ning saadakse seejuures eri moel targemaks. Filmiprogrammi on võimalik vaadata ka veebis, kuid paraku leili visata ja kultuurikaaslastega juttu vesta saab vaid kohapeal.

Nii Sännas kohapeal kui veebikinos on võimalik vaadata filme “Viimane liivlane” (rez. Mikko Piela )  ja noorte lühidokumentaalfilmide kogumiku mitmekesisuse teemal "Rääkimata lood/Stories Untold", dokumentaalfilmi eesti ungarlastest ning valikuid saami, ungari, eesti, soome ja väikerahvaste programmi lühifilmidest.

Õhtuti saab kuulata ugrihõngulist muusikat – 12. juunil esineb Tuulikki Bartosik, teistel õhtutel on oodata üllatusesinejaid.

Kõik huvilised saavad hõimurahvaste toidutöötubades õppida erinevaid soome-ugri väikerahvaste söögivalmistamise nippe. Lisaks toimuvad töötoad ka noortele ja lastele, kus saab peale filmitegemise ja animatsiooni õppida ka akrobaatikat, joogat, käia looduses matkamas, teha herbaariumit ning harjutada tsirkusetrikke.

Kultuurilise mitmekesisuse olulisuse tunnetust saab kinnistada lõkkeõhtul ja suitsusaunas.

Festivali lõpetuseks on kõik oodatud kaasa mõtlema loodusliku mitmekesisuse vajalikkusele pühendatud seminarile, mille peaesinejad on Aveliina Helm ja Rea Raus.


Transport sharing to FUFF


buy festival tickets and food 

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Write your name and dates you want to have food 3 EUR per / meal



“Imagine a forest where there is only one type of tree, would you like to walk and look around there? We all are different and we all have the rights to be ourselves. Diversity is a necessity not only a choice of the preferred ones.” Edina Csüllög at the opening of FUFF 2020 in Sänna, Estonia 

The festival has taken place since 2014. Every year in the summer we gather to an Estonian countryside location to watch films made by people of Finno-Ugric small nations as well as Estonian, Hungarian and Finnish films.

Film Program

short films from larger Finno-Ugric nations with established film production, for example, Finland, Estonia, Hungary and Lapland and short experimental films (any genres) to show creative films made worldwide

COMPETITION PROGRAM/ NB !!!This year there is no competition program.
films from small Finno-Ugric nations. We would like to encourage Finno-Ugric filmmakers, who don’t live in places with established film production, to enroll in our competition and come to our festival and meet each other.  We provide travel support and possibilities to participate in our workshops

usually feature films made by Finno-Ugric authors


You can develop your ideas into a short script or get feedback on your script  from international tutors in 4 days. All genres are eligible. We will select 12 participants.

• For applicants from the Finno-Ugric small nations (Komi, Udmurt, Khanty, Mansy, Nenets, Enets, etc.) FUFF will reimburse travel expenses from Moscow as well as provide free accommodation and food during the festival.

• We also welcome filmmakers from other countries. For these applicants for a small fee FUFF will provide food and accommodation during the festival.

We invite up to 8 directors from all over the world to create their experimental short films during the festival. The directors can invite max. 2 crew members they would like to work on their project with.

Each film crew or director will get a Finno-Ugric actor (good in his/her native language) with whom they will have to collaborate during their projects. The premiere of the films will be after the festival's closing ceremony. We provide acknowledged tutors (director/editor/producer), line-producer for the participants. For a small participation fee we will provide food and accommodation at the festival.

This workshop provides an opportunity for you to make super short animated films, trying different techniques, animating under the camera. Computers help only a little bit. You will create your characters and backgrounds on the spot. In animation everything is possible! All the necessary equipment and some acclaimed Estonian animators will be there for you. People of any age and background can participate, no need for previous experience.

In this workshop the participants will try to listen to and explore their acoustic environment. What kinds of sounds are there to find? How does the silence sound? Can any abandoned object around us be used as an instrument? How can we respond to the call of the natural soundscape using our own voices and bodies as instruments? These are the main questions we will focus on, and try to solve in action during the workshop. Earlier experience in music is not necessary. People of all ages can participate in the workshop with their personal presence. During the workshop we will find a common way to play simple rhythms, encourage ourselves to use our voices and natural presence powerfully. In the end, these elements will be combined to create an orchestra or a "big happening.

There's a chance every day  to learn how to cook in the Finno-ugric way. You can try different Finno-Ugric food led by our indigenous volunteers from Finno-ugric nations. From Udmurt Pelmeni to Mari Podgogol to some delicious Hungarian or Finnish dish.


Each year you can see interesting exhibitions at the festival site, so you can learn more about the lifestyle and culture of different Finno-Ugric nations. 


The South-Estonian wild forest has raised our favourite singers and performers who we would like to introduce to you! Singing together is the force we can unite in the evenings. Greatest ones like Mari Kalkun, Anna Hints, Tuulikki Bartosik, Kristel Mägedi or Lauri Sommer  who have been devoted to us. Also performers from abroad like  Otto Eskelinen and Vera Kondrateva are always ready to come.

Smoke Sauna Culture

You can enjoy the amazing heritage of Unesco, the smoke sauna, very traditional of Southern Estonia. Each evening you can clean your body and soul here.

For the Võro people smoke sauna is an important part of their everyday life and a place of ritual cleansing. Besides washing, sauna enables to restore health, life force and mental balance.

Going to sauna comprises a rich and particular set of customs including the skills of making bath whisks, building and repairing saunas and smoking meat in the sauna. Among the Võro people these skills are highly valued and transmitted from generation to generation.


Human rights activists, cultural and language heritage keepers,  nature and environment savers, climate change activists  gather at our festival  each year to discuss the most important things of our lives.

We understand that only together we can make a change in this world. No separate issues, all is one and one is all. Therefore, if you feel like joining or creating your discussion about important topics, please get in touch with us.


FUFF is a short film festival, developing interest towards Finno-Ugric fiction, documentary and experimental films made by Finno-Ugric filmmakers, or films dealing with Finno-Ugric topics. (The Finno-Ugric peoples are any of several peoples of Eurasia who speak languages of the Finno-Ugric group of the Uralic language family, such as the Khanty, Mansi, Hungarians, Maris, Mordvins, Sámi, Estonians, Karelians, Finns, Udmurts and Komis.) We welcome film entries from all over the world which have topic related films. Independent filmmakers who are not part of mainstream commercial filmmaking are especially encouraged to submit their work. We also encourage the submission of student films. We cannot accept films which are not related to Finno-Ugric topics or not made by Finno-Ugric filmmakers.

Awards & Prizes

Important point
Amazing cultural achievement
Interesting visual approach
Special mention 1
Special mention 2


Finno-Ugric Short Film Fiction – Finno-Ugric Short Film Experimental programs:

• There is no limit of the number of films that a filmmaker or producer may register.

• Finno-Ugric means films made by filmmakers of Finno-Ugric origin or films dealing with Finno-Ugric topics that are made by non-Finno-Ugric directors.

• The maximum duration for short films is 30 minutes, including credits.

• Music videos, commercial work and political propaganda are not accepted.

• In order to be accepted, the material must be presented with English subtitles or with a Russian dialogue list which is sent to the festival by 30th of April 2021.

Once a film has been submitted for participation it cannot be withdrawn.

• All shipping expenses of participating works, from their place of origin to the address of this organisation, shall be paid exclusively by the participant. The Festival will not be responsible for the cost of receiving any additional materials.

• The Festival does not pay screening fees.

• Films in FUFF’s official selection will be viewable in the FUFF Digital Film Library, accessible to industry professionals for the duration of the Festival and available to be viewed privately on a secure server by jury members, film festival programmers, critics, buyers and distributors during and after the event. The contact information for each corresponding producer or rights holder will be published.

• Selected films may form part of the festival’s travelling showcase, participating around the world.

• The Festival invites the filmmakers to the festival and provides accommodation and food for the time of the festival for certain filmmakers.

How to submit?

When submitting your film, please also provide an Electronic Press Kit including the following information:

• A still photo from the film (colour at 300 dpi, jpg or tiff format);

• A film synopsis (in Russian and English if possible, or at least in one of these two languages);

• A brief biography of the director (in Russian and English if possible, or at least in one of these two languages);

• A photograph of the director (colour at 300 dpi, jpg or tiff format);

• Film  credits.

Submit your film HERE
And please send a copy of your film to

FUFF Festival 2019

Hea külastaja, Soome-Ugri Filmi Festivali koduleht on hetkel arendamisel. Oleme loomas uut mitmekeelset veebikeskkonda, et veelgi paremini edendada Soome-Ugri väikerahvaste filmitegijaid.
Уважаемый посетитель, сайт финно-угорского кинофестиваля находится в стадии разработки. Мы находимся в процессе создания нового веб-сайта для лучшего продвижения возможностей финно-угорских кинематографистов.
Dear visitor, Finno-Ugric Film Festival website is currently under development. We are in the process of creating a new multi-language website for better promotion oportunities of Finno-Ugric small nation filmmakers.