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Workshop call!

We will have different workshops this year. Look at the list carefully. Some needs registration some do not. The ones which needs registration: DEADLINE IS 15. of April 2018.

Experimental musical workshop

In the workshop participants try to listen and explore surrounding environment. What kind of sounds there is to find? How does  the silence sound? Can any abandoned objects around be used as instruments? How can we response to the call of the natural soundscape using our own voice and body as an instrument? These are the main questions we concentrate, and try to solve them in action during the workshop. Earlier experience around music is not necessary. People of all ages can participate the workshop with their personal presence. During the workshop we will find a common way to play simple rhythms, encourage ourselves to use our voices and natural presence powerfully. In the end these elements will be combined to create an orchestra or "big happening" of the participants.

Workshop is led by musician/composer Otto Eskelinen. He has graduated from Sibelius Academy folk music department and worked professionally over 15 years around Finnish music scene, making music for theatre, circus and other performing art forms. Since 2013 he has led ethnofuturistic ensemble "The Mystic Revelation Of Teppo Repo". The group has published three studio albums and made music to the documentary film "The Nature Of My Heart"  2016 (Jaakko Ruuska)).  DEOS NOT NEED REGISTRATION BEFOREHAND

We invite 12 applications from filmmakers who wish to participate in this workshop. The workshop will be held by two well-known film professionals/scriptwriters/directors who will help to develop your synopsis into a short film script during the festival.Those selected will receive assistance as follows:
• For applicants from the Finno-Ugric small nations (Komi, Udmurt, Khanty, Mansy, Nenets, Enets, etc.) FUFF will reimburse travel expenses from Moscow as well as providing accommodation and food during the festival.
• In addition the invitation is open to filmmakers from other countries. For these applicants FUFF will provide food and accommodation during the festival.




Application for workshop 

Scriptwriting workshop
We would like to receive a one-page (A4) synopsis of a short fiction, experimental or documentary film and a motivation letter by 15th of April. Please send these by email to: sara.kisari[at]gmail.com.
Selection will be made by the end of April 2018 and all applicants will receive a reply by email. The language of participation is English; we accept Russian language synopses from the territory of Russia. 
We encourage students and non-professionals to send in their synopsis proposal on behalf of those whose English is not so good as we will provide interpreters during the workshop.

Experimental film workshop

We would like to receive a motivation letter  (A4) and a CV of the applicant by 15th of April.