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Who we are?

We are glad to announce that the 5thFinno-Ugric festival will be held in Tsiistre, Estonia, 4 July–7July 2018.

FUFF is a short film festival, developing interest towards Finno-Ugric fiction and experimental films made by Finno-Ugric filmmakers, or films dealing with Finno-Ugric topics. We welcome film entries from all over the world. Independent filmmakers who are not part of mainstream commercial filmmaking are especially encouraged to submit their work. We also encourage the submission of student films.

We invite the authors of the selected films to be present at our festival in order to introduce their films and discuss their work after the screening. If sufficient funding becomes available, the festival can partly cover the travel costs and/or accommodation.


Edina Csüllög

email: sara.kisari@gmail.com
phone: 00 37 2588 77 144

Finno-Ugric Film Festival
(Edina Csüllög)
Meremäe küla, Põhja-Antsu talu
Meremäe vald, Vőrumaa