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BUSHO FILM FESTIVAL – Budapest Short Film festival
This year the Hungarian and the experimental film program is put together from the BUSHO films.

Fenno-Ugria – a non-profit organisation, Fenno-Ugria was established by a group of Estonian researchers, politicians and economists in Tallinn in 1927. The aim of the organisation was to support the organisation of a Finno-Ugric cultural congresses and to promote relations between Estonia and other Finno-Ugrian peoples. Today, Fenno-Ugria is the central umbrella organisation for Finno-Ugrian interaction, uniting more than 50 Estonian organisations and institutions, both state and public.

MARIUVER -https://mariuver.com/2018/02/20/fuff-5/
• Estonian Cultural Endowment • Estonian Film Institute • Kindred People s Program • Hungarian Embassy • Misso municipality

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• KATAPULT FILM • Nopri Talu • Plank Film • Röngu Pagar​ •  Piusa Savikoda • 
• Jaagumäe Kaubanduse OÜ

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