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10 June Wednesday

19.00 Opening of the festival
20.00 Opening film: Anastasia Lapsui, Markku Lehmuskallio – Pudana – Last of the Line

11 June Thursday

9.00-13.00 Scriptwriting workshop
14.30 Estonian short films
16.30 Experimental short film program
19.30-21.00 Small nation competition I
21.30 Concert – Anto Siimson and Aarne Kaur

12 June FRIDAY

9.00-13.00 Scriptwriting workshop
14.30 Hungarian short films
16.30 Sami short films
19.00-20.30 Small nation competition II
21.30 Finno-Ugric disco, DJ Aivar Meos


9.00-13.00 Scriptwriting workshop – FINAL PITCH of the projects
14.30 Finnish short films
16.00 Collection of short films by the workshop participants and the local youngsters
19.30-20.30 Best films and award ceremony
21.00 Concert – ANU TAUL and her band

Panorama Program

In the panorama program there are two main sections, one is films from larger Finno-Ugric nations with established film production, for example: Finland, Estonia, Hungary and Lapland.
The second section is for experimental films and tries to show creative films worldwide.

Competition Program

The competition program is for small nations. We would like to encourage Finno-Ugric filmmakers (who don’t live in countries with established film production) to enroll in our competition and come hto our festival and meet eacother.  We give out 5 prizes: best film, best director, best cinematography and two special prizes that the jury decides upon.