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Accommodation and food at FUFF

If you are a visitor to the festival and would like to book your accommodation, please have a look at the following options:

Kirikumäe Hiking Hut, www.kirikumae.ee, GSM 508 4264
Suhka Tourist Farm, www.suhka.ee, GSM 5193 8000
Pööni Tavern and Guest House, www.pööni-kõrts-külalistemaja.ee, GSM 5280634
Mi Sann sauna house, www.misann.net, GSM 56470585

Camping: in Tsiistre by the village house, free of charge, www.tsiistre.ee
Toilet at the outhouse, no washing facilities, lakes in the vicinity.


Tsiistre Tea House offers a special festival menu and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. https://www.facebook.com/tsiistreteemaja?ref=br_rs.
Flax Museum Cafe, www.linamuuseum.ee
Nopri Dairy Farm Shop, located about 2 km from Tsiistre
All above places accept cash only.
The closest ATM is in Vastseliina.


Edina Csüllög

email: sara.kisari@gmail.com
phone: 00 37 257 401 874

Finno-Ugric Film Festival
(Edina Csüllög)
Meremäe küla, Meremäe 2-12
Meremäe vald, Vőrumaa