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Preparation for FUFF VII

Already third year in a row a small but international film festival FUFF (Finno Ugric Film Festival) takes place in Sänna Culture Manor. It does not mean only interesting film program: it is rather a cozy forest festival with a lot of different activities for the whole family.

This year FUFF will take place from the 11th to 14th of June. In addition to the film program there will be a lot of workshops, delicious vegan food and nice concerts in the evenings.

Throughout the festival all the visitors are invited to participate in different workshops. Every day there will be experimental music workshop and animation workshop happening. Registration is not obligatory. Also ,it doesn't matter how old you are or if you have any previous experience in that field. For children there will be a comics workshop held by the Finno-Ugric activists.

The animation workshop is led by Helen Unt who is very experienced in that field and is particularly good at working with children.

It is the third year for the experimental music workshop, which is led by a well-known finnish multiinstrumentalist Otto Eskelinen, who is able to make an instrument out of anything. Last year, the participants of this workshop gave a magic night forest concert in Sänna.

In addition to self music-making there will be concerts by professional musicians every evening. However, the core part of the festival is, of course, our film program. The Finno-Ugric films are diffrent in a good way. These filmmakers come from traditional cultures, so their ways of seeing life are more based on intuition than rational thinking. Many directors are also present in the festival, so you will have a great opportunity to hear comments on their films and discuss the films.

Three times a day we will offer delicious vegetarian food (breakfast, lunch and dinner). One meal costs 4 euros and has to be ordered before the festival starts. Preorder by transferring the amount needed to the NGO account - write your name and the days and the meals, for example: Sara Kisari and Kari Juhani, 3-4 June 2 times b,l,d (breafast, lunch, dinner).




IBAN: EE291010220100168010


The festival pass costs 15 EUR, 1-day ticket 5 EUR. Free for the people under 18 years (included).

More info: sara.kisari@gmail.com or call +37258877144.


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Edina Csüllög
email: sara.kisari@gmail.com
phone: 00 37 2588 77 144


Finno-Ugric Film Festival
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