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14 June 2017


Press release: Finno-Ugric Film Festival provides a rich selection of short films from taiga nations


This year’s Finno-Ugric Film festival, which runs from 28 June to 1 July in picturesque Tsiistre Village in south-eastern Estonia, brings over 20 shorts and experimental films to the screen at the Tsiistre Flax Museum. The festival opener is acclaimed Estonian director Liivo Niglas’s new documentary, “Armastuse maa/The Land of Love”.


The competition programme will feature 23 short films from smaller Finno-Ugric peoples living within the borders of the Russian Federation. There will also be Sami, Hungarian and Finnish short-film programmes, and Estonian animated film and experimental films from around the world will be screened. Some of the films, including “The Land of Love”, have English subtitles.


One of the most important objectives of the festival is promotion of Finno-Ugric film-making and cultivating future talent. Each of the four festival days will have a morning screenwriting workshop led by Mart Kivastik from Estonia and Dániel Erdélyi from Hungary.


The festival’s artistic director, Edina Csüllög, says film-making in Finno-Ugric nations is often impeded by lack of funds and skills. “If the only thing you watch at home is soap operas on some Russian channel, it’s inevitable that you will not develop as rich a background as film school students who watch the works of Béla Tarr and Veiko Õunpuu,“ says Csüllög, a Hungarian who moved from Budapest to live in Estonia’s Seto region not far from Tsiistre. “But all of it is important for becoming a better film-maker and we want to tip young people off to the existence of artistic and experimental films.”

After the daytime screenings, there will be evening concerts. On 29 June, Puuluup from the city of Viljandi performs, on 30 June, a punk artist with Seto roots, Kristel Mägedi, will sing and play karmoška. There will be an “Ugric Disco” with DJ Aivar Meos.


Festival technical director Paul Nurme says: “The festival is a meeting point for people who consider Finno-Ugric peoples’ languages and ethos important even if they are not themselves necessarily Finno-Ugric by birth. People are travelling to the festival from places as far as Spain, Mexico and Japan.”

The patron is writer Kauksi Ülle, a champion of Finno-Ugric culture.


The festival pass costs €10 and is good for all film screenings and concerts. Tickets for a single screening or concerts are €3. Admission is free for everyone under 18.


The festival is organized by MTÜ SUFF, Prastuli Society and Nisi Masa Estonia.


The festival is supported by the Hõimurahvaste Programm (Kindred Peoples Programme), the Estonian Film Institute, the Cultural Endowment of Estonia, the Hungarian Institute in Estonia, and the Hungarian Embassy in Finland. Festival partners: Fenno-Ugria, MariUver,  translation company A&A Lingua, Katapult Film, Plank Film, Kübarkino, Nopri Farm, Tsiistre teemaja Teahouse, Rõngu Pagar bakery, Piusa Savikoda ceramics workshop, Veinisõber OÜ and Jaagumäe Kaubanduse OÜ.



Accommodation and food at FUFF

If you are a visitor to the festival and would like to book your accommodation, please have a look at the following options:

Kirikumäe Hiking Hut, www.kirikumae.ee, GSM 508 4264
Suhka Tourist Farm, www.suhka.ee, GSM 5193 8000
Pööni Tavern and Guest House, www.pööni-kõrts-külalistemaja.ee, GSM 5280634
Mi Sann sauna house, www.misann.net, GSM 56470585

VESIVESKI KÜLALISTEMAJA , Siksälä küla, Misso vald. Info 372 51 26 400  jaanus.purga@gmail.com

Camping: in Tsiistre by the village house, free of charge, www.tsiistre.ee
Toilet at the outhouse, no washing facilities, lakes in the vicinity.


Tsiistre Tea House offers a special festival menu and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. https://www.facebook.com/tsiistreteemaja?ref=br_rs.
Flax Museum Cafe, www.linamuuseum.ee
Nopri Dairy Farm Shop, located about 2 km from Tsiistre
All above places accept cash only.
The closest ATM is in Vastseliina.



Edina Csüllög
email: sara.kisari@gmail.com
phone: 00 37 2588 77 144

Kristina Remmel
phone:  00 372 5031514

Finno-Ugric Film Festival
(Edina Csüllög)
Meremäe küla, Meremäe 2-12
Meremäe vald, Vőrumaa