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Workshop call!

The Finno-Ugric Film Festival (FUFF) announces its Scriptwriting workshop, to be held during the Festival in Tsiistre, Estonia, 10th-13th JUNE 2015.

We invite 12 applications from filmmakers who wish to participate in this workshop. Those selected will receive assistance as follows:

• For applicants from the Finno-Ugric small nations (Komi, Udmurt, Khanty, Mansy, Nenets, Enets, etc.) FUFF will reimburse travel expenses from Moscow as well as providing accommodation and food during the festival.

• In addition the invitation is open to filmmakers from other countries. For these applicants FUFF will provide food and accommodation during the festival.
The workshop will be held by two well-known film professionals/scriptwriters/directors who will help to develop your synopsis into a short film script during the festival.

Application for workshop

We would like to receive a one-page (A4) synopsis of a short fiction, experimental or documentary film and a motivation letter by 15th of February. Please send these by email to: sara.kisari[at]gmail.com.

Selection will be made by the end of March 2014 and all applicants will receive a reply by email. The language of participation is English; we accept Russian language synopses from the territory of Russia.

We encourage students and non-professionals to send in their synopsis proposal on behalf of those whose English is not so good as we will provide interpreters during the workshop.