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“Life in the Taiga”, a look at the lives of the Khanty, wins best film at Finno-Ugric Film Festival


The award for best film at the second Finno-Ugric Film Festival went to Ksenia Arteeva’s “Life in the Taiga”, a day in the life of a 60-year-old Khanty woman.


Denis Kornilov won the best director award for “Mother,” which examines moribund Udmurt villages.


Anatoli Dobryakov’s sensitive cinematography in the film “Sons from this Side of the River” brought him the award for best photography.


The jury also handed out three special prizes – to Mari director Alena Ivanova for the film “God’s Gift”; Udmurt animator Andrey Pershin; and Sergei Sidorov and Anastasia Sidorova for the film “The Peasant and the Water Spirit”, based on an Udmurt folk tale.


The jury, which included Hungarian director Daniel Erdelyi and Estonian cinematographer Paul Nurme, said the selection of films this year was diverse and high in quality.


The festival’s screenwriting workshops, led by Erdelyi and the Estonian writer Mart Kivastik, drew 15 representatives from smaller Finno-Ugric nations. Overall, festival’s visitors and volunteers were from 20 different countries and stateless peoples. One volunteer, Lena Kramer from Germany, lauded the southern Estonian setting: “The festival is interesting and special for its location and subject matter. Võru County’s strangely beautiful nature is captivating.”


The festival’s artistic director Edina Csüllog said she was content with the festival: “Finno-Ugric film-makers got together for the second year running to study, watch films and mingle and network. It’s great we were able to do our part to promote the culture of our kindred Finno-Ugrians.”


Accommodation and food at FUFF

If you are a visitor to the festival and would like to book your accommodation, please have a look at the following options:

Kirikumäe Hiking Hut, www.kirikumae.ee, GSM 508 4264
Suhka Tourist Farm, www.suhka.ee, GSM 5193 8000
Pööni Tavern and Guest House, www.pööni-kõrts-külalistemaja.ee, GSM 5280634
Mi Sann sauna house, www.misann.net, GSM 56470585

Camping: in Tsiistre by the village house, free of charge, www.tsiistre.ee
Toilet at the outhouse, no washing facilities, lakes in the vicinity.


Tsiistre Tea House offers a special festival menu and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. https://www.facebook.com/tsiistreteemaja?ref=br_rs.
Flax Museum Cafe, www.linamuuseum.ee
Nopri Dairy Farm Shop, located about 2 km from Tsiistre
All above places accept cash only.
The closest ATM is in Vastseliina.



Festival pass 10 € will guarantee admission to all film screenings and concerts.
Concert fee 3 €.
The festival events are free to residents of Võru County under the age of 18.


Finno-Ugric Film Festival gears up for a second year in south-eastern Estonia

Press release
2 June 2015 

The second Finno-Ugric Film Festival (FUFF), featuring over 60 films from various nations across Eurasia, will take place from 10-13 June 2015 at the Flax Museum in Tsiistre village in south-eastern Estonia. The films screened at the festival are from directors with Finno-Ugric heritage and/or deal directly with Finno-Ugric themes. FUFF is special in a number of ways: for one, it takes place in Estonia’s border region, far from large cities and towns; and the festival has a strong educational aspect – besides enjoying the films, it offers workshops in screenwriting to promote film-making among small Finno-Ugric peoples.


The festival’s Finno-Ugric programme has two parts: a competition open to films from stateless Finno-Ugric people, and a part devoted to films from larger Finno-Ugric nations – Hungarian, Finnish and Estonian films, with Sami films as a new addition this year.

The screenwriting workshops will be led by well-known names in the cinema world – director and screenwriter Dániel Erdélyi from Hungary and writer and screenwriter Mart Kivastik from Estonia. The festival will also be attended by visitors from as far off as Chile and 19 other countries.


An outdoor exhibition by Erza photographic artist Aris-Onton Kälme will open at the Flax Museum, depicting the life of one smaller Finno-Ugric nation, the Selkup.


Music can be enjoyed on the evenings of the festival, too, with performances by Anto Siimson, Aarne Kaur and Kaja Taul; DJ Aivar Meos will spin Finno-Ugric records.


The artistic director of the festival Edina Csüllög says: “We’re glad that last year’s festival had a concrete result: the Udmurts and Vepsians have produced a number of new films. We hope that thanks to the practical workshops, the quality of the films will continue to improve and interest in film-making will increase.”


The festival patron is writer Kauksi Ülle from Estonia, widely regarded as a steward of Finno-Ugric heritage.


The festival pass costs 10 euros and is good for admission to all film screenings and concerts. The festival events are free for residents of Võru County under the age of 18.


The festival organizers are Nisi Masa Estonia, Prastuli Selts,and the Finno-Ugric film foundation SUFF. The festival team is grateful to 20 volunteers from different countries.

The festival is supported by the Kindred People’s Program, Cultural Endowment of Estonia, the Hungarian Institute, the Hungarian Embassy in Tallinn, the Balassi Institute, Estonian Film Institute. The festival partners are: Fenno-Ugria Foundation, Euphorea Borealis, Busho Short Film Festival, the translation company A&A Lingua, Illume, Nopri Dairy Farm, Plank Film, Rõngu Pagar, Piusa Pottery, Pullijärve Holiday Village, Suhka Tourist Farm, Pööni Tavern and Guest House, Budampex, and Jaagumäe Farm.


Accreditation is OPEN for FUFF

The accreditation is reserved for film industry professionals and journalists. To participate in the event as an industry professional or journalist you must be accredited. Accreditations are given according to professional activity. Please explain briefly in an email what your main motivation is to come to our festival and what your field of work is. If you would like to have accreditation to our festival, please contact:

Salome Sulaberidze

The accreditation will provide you free entrance to all of the screenings and music events of the festival.
Applications for accreditation will close on 30 May 2015.

Kindred People’s Programme

We are happy to announce that the main sponsor of FUFF II in 2015 is the Kindred People’s
Programme, which Council regards the festival as a key event supporting the Finno-Ugric movement. The festival is also sponsored by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia, the Estonian Film Institute, the Hungarian Embassy in Finland and the Balassi Institute. Sponsors from the private sector include A&A Lingua translation bureau, Nopri Dairy Farm and Suhka tourist farm.


Edina Csüllög

email: sara.kisari@gmail.com
phone: 00 37 2588 77 144

Kristina Remmel

phone:  00 372 5031514

Finno-Ugric Film Festival
(Edina Csüllög)
Meremäe küla, Meremäe 2-12
Meremäe vald, Vőrumaa