We are glad to announce that the 1st Finno-Ugric festival will be held in Tsiistre, Estonia, on 4-8 June 2014!

FUFF is a short film festival, developing interest towards Finno-Ugric fiction and experimental films, made by Finno-Ugric filmmakers or films which are dealing with Finno-Ugric topics. We welcome film entries from all over the world. Especially the independent filmmakers who are not part of mainstream commercial filmmaking are encouraged to submit their works. We also encourage submitting student films.

We invite authors of the submitted films to be present at our festival in order to introduce their films and discuss their works after the screening. If sufficient funding becomes available, the festival can partly cover the travel costs and/or the accommodation.

About 50 films will be screened during the festival week. In addition to the film program, the festival presents round tables, workshops, concerts and exhibitions. The festival has only one competition program - Films of small nations - where we will select the films made by Finno-Ugric filmmakers excluding Estonia, Finland and Hungary. The festival program of the big nations will be chosen in cooperation with our partners FFI, EFI and HFI.


4 june
19.00 Festival opening
20.00 Competition programme I
– films of Finno-Ugric small nations
21.00 Photo, director KatrinMaimik
Silver Wedding, director Andres Maimik

5 june
16.15 Panorama programme II
– experimental films from all over
the world 1
19.00 Panorama programme I
– Hungarian short films
20.00 Competition programme II
– films of Finno-Ugric small nations
21.30 AIN RAAL performs on karmoška

6 june
15.30 Documentary film Suur-Sõjamäe, director Aljona Surzhikova
16.30 Udmurtian film Nest Estonian premiere, directors Sergei Nagovitsyn and Konstantin Lozhkin
19.00 Competition programme III
– films of Finno-Ugric small nations
20.00 Brothers Johansons perform
– entrance fee 4 €

7 june
14.00 Panorama programme I
– Estonian short films
15.00 Panorama programme II
– experimental films from all over
the world 2
16.00 Films by youth from Vastseliina and Orava (in Estonian)
17.00 Panorama programme I
– Finnish short films, English subtitles
20.00 Award ceremony
21.00 Best films programme

Festival workshop




The festival announcing its Scriptwriting workshop which will be held during the festival in Tsiistre, Estonia 4-8. JUNE 2014.

We will invite 12 filmmakers for the workshop from the small nations (Komi, Udmurt, Khanty, Mansy, Nenets, Enets etc) and pay for their accommodation and travel expenses and food for the time of the festival.


Also we will invite filmmakers from Estonia, Finland and Hungary and provide them food and accommodation at the time of the festival.


The workshop will be held by two well-known film professionals / scriptwriters / directors who will help to develop your synopsis into short film script during the festival.


We are waiting for a 1 A4 page of synopsis of a short fiction or experimental film and a motivation letter till 15th of March at The selection will be made by the end of February. The language of the participation is English, we accept Russian language synopsises from the territory of Russia. We encourage also students and non-professionals to send in their irsynopsis proposal also for the ones who’s English is not so good as we will provide interpreters for the time of the workshop.

The deadline

for registration

and delivery of

materials is

15 April 2014.

Rules and regulations {entry form}

Finno-Ugric Short Film Fiction – Finno-Ugric Short Film Experimental

* There is no limit to the amount of films that a filmmaker or producer may register.

* Finno-Ugric means: we are waiting for films which are made by filmmakers with Finno-Ugric origin or films which are dealing with Finno-Ugric topics but can be made by non-Finno-Ugric directors.

* The maximum duration of short films is 30 minutes, including credits.

* Music videos, commercial work and political propaganda are not accepted.

* In order to be admitted, the materials must be presented with English subtitles or with a Russian dialogue list which is sent to the festival by 30th of April 2014.

* Once a film has been submitted for participation it cannot be withdrawn.

* All shipping expenses of participating works, from their place of origin to the address of this organization, shall be paid exclusively by the participant. The Festival will not be responsible for the cost of receiving any additional materials.

* The Festival does not pay screening fees.

* Films in FUFF’s Official Selection will be viewable in the FUFF Digital Film Library, accessible to industry professionals throughout the duration of the Festival and available to be viewed privately on a secure server by jury members, film festival programmers, critics, buyers and distributors during and after the event. The contact information for each corresponding producer or rights holder will be published.

* Selected films may form part of the festival’s travelling showcases, participating around the world.

* The festival invites the film-makers to the festival and provides accommodation and food for the time of the festival for the filmmakers.

When submitting your film, please also provide an “Electronic Press Kit” including the following information:

• Still photo from the film (Color at 300 dpi, jpg or tif format)

• Synopsis of the film (in Russian and English if available or either of the two languages)

• Brief Biography of the Director (in Russian and English if available or either of the two languages)

• Director’s Photograph (Color at 300 dpi, jpg or tif format)

• Film Credits

Send or upload film

Films can be transferred

* via Wetransfer or uploaded to our ftp.

* There is an option to send a DVD or BlueRay copy by post until 15th of April.

be volunteer!

The festival will provide food, accommodation and festival pass for their volunteers and partly their travel expenses for the whole time of the festival.




Edina Csüllög
email |


available nearby

For its workshop guests and volunteers the festival is organising accommodation and transport to Tsiistre from their place of accommodation in the area. As there are no accommodation facilities in Tsiistre all guests will be accommodated nearby in the area. However, space for placing your tent can be agreed upon, if necessary.

If you are a visitor to the festival and would like to book your accommodation,

please have a look at the following options:
Pööni Kõrts ja Külaliste maja »
Pullijärve Holiday Village »
Kirkumäe Matkamaja »

Private accommodation in Vastseliina (for people who like dogs)
       Up to 30 tents – 3 Euro/tent
       3 beds – 6 Euro/bed
       Breakfast: 3 Euro
Contact |
Please use the keyword “FUFF” in your email.

Edina Csüllög
Festival artistic director

Kristina Remmel
Festival general director

Lilla Puskás
Program assitant
Katerina Puusepp
Public Relations

Urmas Reisberg

Vilma Niskala
Boglárka Janurik

Roland Papp
Workshop coordinator

Paul Nurme
Technical support
International Jury
Workshop Tutors


Edina Csüllög
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phone | 0037257401874

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Fenno-Ugria – Non-profit organisation (NPO) FENNO-UGRIA was established by a group of Estonian researchers, politicians, and economists in Tallinn in 1927. The aim of the organisation was to support the organisation of Finno-Ugric cultural congresses, and to promote relations between Estonia and other Finno-Ugrian peoples. Today, Fenno-Ugria is the central umbrella organisation for Finno-Ugrian interaction, uniting more than 50 Estonian organisations and institutions, both state and public.

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